Micronized natural pregnenolone hormone 25mg per capsule – 100 capsules





Micronized natural pregnenolone hormone 25mg per capsule – 100 capsules

Often described as the mother of all hormones, naturally occurring pregnenolone acts to improve memory and combat depression – and has powerful anti-inflammatory arthritis pain relieving properties.

From anti inflammatory arthritis pain relief to help with depression and memory loss, discovering more about pregnenolone presents a range of anti aging benefits. Pregnenolone has been shown to not only make people smarter but happier and enhance ones ability to perform tasks while heightening feelings of well-being.

Pregnenolone has also been shown to reduce high stress induced fatigue.
Other benefits of pregnenolone may include stress reduction and increased resistance to effects of stress, improvement of mood and energy, reduced symptoms of menopause, improved immunity, and repair of myelin sheaths.

Pregnenolone is a Remedy for:

• Low body temperature
• Unexplained hair loss
• Difficulty building muscle

• Mental depression
• Hypoglycemia
• Moments of confusion
• Poor memory
• Osteoporosis
• Low blood pressure
• Craving for sweets
• Cyclical headaches

• Weakness

• Nervousness
• Irritability & anxiety
• Inability to concentrate
• Tendency towards joint inflammation

• Poor resistance to infections
• Insomnia
• Dry and thin skin
• Rheumatic conditions

These are signs of many of the end result of low pregnenolone, since it is a precursor to many of the hormones made from pregnenolone.

As is the case with the steroid-hormone precursor DHEA, pregnenolone levels decline with age. Many physicians and scientists believe that replacement of pregnenolone to youthful levels is an important step in the treatment of aging and symptoms of aging. Pregnenolone may be one of the most important hormones and may be able to bring levels of other hormones up or down as needed.

Pregnenolone isn’t actually a steroid hormone, but what’s known as a metabolite – the molecules forming part of the chemical chain behind human development.
Pregnenolone acts as a key building block in the body’s steroid hormone production during the cellular growth process powered by mitochondria. Mitochondria act as the power source to drive the growth of cells in the body by generating ATP – short for adenosine triphosphate – a form of chemical energy. In a typical human cell there may be thousands of mitochondria, which also contain pregnenolone.

Inextricably linked to this cellular growth process, pregnenolone forms the raw material for hormone production. This explains why it’s inadvertently called the mother of all hormones, the pregnenolone hormone and sometimes the adrenal hormone (being formed in the adrenal gland and central nervous system).

Pregnenolone certainly plays a vital part in hormone production: From the steroid hormone Progesterone, to estrogen, testosterone and the dhea steroid hormone (short for dehydroepiandrosterone), Pregnenolone is behind them all.
What is dehydroepiandrosterone?
Like its counterparts estrogen, testosterone, cortisone and Progresterone, dehydroepiandrosterone is a steroid hormone that Pregnenolone helps to produce.

The benefits of pregnenolone

Research into pregnenolone benefits can be traced back to the 1940s, when it was found to aid the productivity of factory workers, whilst helping to reduce stress.

Pregnenolone for pain relief research also centered on pregnenolone’s excellent anti inflammatory properties, particularly in the treatment of arthritis.

What is pregnenolone used for today?

While pregnenolone benefits had been established and found safe to use as a pregnenolone supplement, it wasn’t until the 1990s that pregnenolone rose to prominence again – this time as an anti aging memory enhancer and an aid to boost memory.

Research cantered on the brain hormone factor and how pregenenolone benefits mental health and wellbeing as part of the complex steroid hormone production process.

The scientific community was interested in how the pregenolone metabolic process could influence mental health, stress and depression, with pregnenolone supplementation perhaps acting as an anti depression supplement.

In addition to stress and depression, pregnenolone supplementation also entered the anti aging arena to address mental decline and memory loss, and act as a memory enhancer. As optimal levels of pregnenolone are known to be important for mental health and cognitive functions, pregnenolone therapy came to be viewed as an important anti aging product, along with fellow cognitive enhancers such as Idebenone, piracetam, Hydergine and Vitamin B12.

Progresterone Pregnenolone & DHEA
Pregnenolone’s interlinking role in producing steroid hormones such as the Progresterone hormone, estrogen hormone, testosterone hormone, and dhea hormone may play a part in anti aging health.

Why consider a Pregnenolone hormone supplement?

Men and women typically have differing amounts of pregnenolone, while lifestyle, exercise, stress levels and age also play a part. By the age of 70 Pregnenolone levels in the body may have declined by up to 60 per cent – which is why older people may consider taking a pregnenolone dosage as part of a regular pregnenolone supplement.

As a memory enhancer, the pregnenolone hormone action appears to aid knowledge acquisition and boost long term memory capabilities. A 1995 clinical study produced pregnenolone testimonials vouching for its effectiveness, particularly in relation to use of dhea to improve memory capabilities. During this trial, pregnenolone was found to be a potent memory enhancer – and possibly up to 100 times more effective than dhea.

Scientists have been studying the impact of hormones on learning and memory for many years. Various studies have found that pregnenolone enhances motivation, the ability to acquire knowledge, and long-term memory. A research group of industrial psychologists conducted studies to test pregnenolone on students and workers for the ability to enhance job performance. They found that the students/workers had a markedly improved ability to learn and remember difficult tasks.

It is also amazing that pregnenolone not only enhanced job performance of the students/workers; but they additionally experienced heightened feelings of well-being. The same research group performed a study on factory workers to see if pregnenolone could improve their work productivity. Productivity increased most notably in the workers whose situations were considered the most stressful; for example, the workers who got paid per piece and whose living depended on their productivity.

Improvement was noted, but less so, in workers who got paid a fixed wage regardless of their productivity levels. Not only did pregnenolone improve productivity for both groups, but the workers also reported enhanced mood.

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