Micronized natural pregnenolone hormone 25mg per capsule – 100 capsules





Micronized natural pregnenolone hormone 25mg per capsule – 100 capsules

Often described as the mother (or master) of all hormones, naturally occurring pregnenolone acts to improve memory and combat depression – and has powerful anti-inflammatory arthritis pain relieving properties.

From anti inflammatory arthritis pain relief to help with depression and memory loss, discovering more about pregnenolone presents a range of anti aging benefits. Pregnenolone has been shown to not only make people smarter but happier and enhance ones ability to perform tasks while heightening feelings of well-being.

Pregnenolone has also been shown to reduce high stress induced fatigue.
Other benefits of pregnenolone may include stress reduction and increased resistance to effects of stress, improvement of mood and energy, reduced symptoms of menopause, improved immunity, and repair of myelin sheaths.

Pregnenolone is a Remedy for:

• Low body temperature
• Unexplained hair loss
• Difficulty building muscle

• Mental depression
• Hypoglycemia
• Moments of confusion
• Poor memory
• Osteoporosis
• Low blood pressure
• Craving for sweets
• Cyclical headaches

• Weakness

• Nervousness
• Irritability & anxiety
• Inability to concentrate
• Tendency towards joint inflammation

• Poor resistance to infections
• Insomnia
• Dry and thin skin
• Rheumatic conditions

Here you are… over 50. Sigh. Your body just isn’t doing what it used to do. Your mind isn’t doing what IT used to do! Damn.

Maybe you’re losing your joy, moments of depression or anxiety, some insomnia creeping in, the aches and pains  (feet, hands, knees, hips, feet; don’t get me started!!!!!)…You just don’t feel like you think you should.

Diet, hormones, and movement –  all three -regulate and effect just about everything when it comes to your health. If you eat junk and too much of it then you’re going to feel awful and gain weight. If you don’t move, you won’t be able to move (you know the old adage: if you don’t use it you lose it!). And then there’s the hormones… those misunderstood, ignored substances that literally TELL your body what to do. They are the chemical messengers … kind of like administrative assistants in a large high rise office building owned by one corporation (you are the head of the corporation and your body is the high rise office building!) We have hundreds of hormones running around delivering messages to different body parts. So, when something isn’t working right… it’s a good bet that someone is “not getting the memo”!

Pregnenolone is the mother or master hormone. This hormone is naturally occurring and originates in the brain and adrenal glands and but also synthesized in organs such as skin, liver, ovaries and retina. It is one of the key building blocks of progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, etc. Literally all the other adrenal hormones cascade from pregnenolone.

Without proper amounts of pregnenolone your brain can’t work properly, memory, learning, mood and cognitive function are all affected. Neuroinflammatory disease will develop.

Because all other adrenal hormones cascade from pregnenolone, it will have a positive effect in preventing: fibrocystic breast disease, endometriosis, hot flashes, weight gain, fatigue, night sweats, sleep problems, vaginal dryness, arthritis, swelling, depression, hopelessness and difficulty sleeping.

It plays a huge part in relieving inflammation in the body, even enabling the skin to maintain its elasticity, slowing, or reversing wrinkles and lines (something all of us women certainly want!). It has been shown in clinical studies to  alleviate feelings of depression and hopelessness, strengthen the heart’s ability to circulate blood through the body and improve the ability to withstand different levels of exercise. It has also been found to help reduce symptoms of autoimmune disease, even seizures. Currently there are ongoing studies to determine its usefulness in autism spectrum disorders with irritability and aggressive behaviours.

Interestingly… back in the 1940’s and 50’s, pregnenolone was approved for use as a “medication” in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and soft-tissue rheumatism!

Clearly this is a key hormone that should be considered especially as we age.

Naturally occurring pregnenolone is a staple of the human body because it is the basis for the material that makes several essential hormones in women, who tend to experience greater hormonal fluctuations at certain periods of their lives or as a result of immune-compromisation. Women who suffer from depression, stress and anxiety, and other mood disorders may find relief from taking pregnenolone orally. In addition, pregnenolone may help improve sleep quality and duration, which can also have an even more beneficial impact on mood regulation and mental well-being.

It can increase energy and improve sleep quality, which in turn helps motivate people to move their bodies and exercise more often. It may also inhibit the production of cortisol–which may, in fact, be stress-induced–and begin to reduce bloating and fat deposits in the midsection.

If memory loss, lack of focus, or learning difficulties are posing problems, women may take this as a supplement to boost their brain power. Because pregnenolone helps the brain regenerate myelin, the brain then benefits from the increased protection surrounding its neurons. These can more quickly reform new synapses, potentially improving many aspects of memory, learning, and cognition.

Dosage depends on age and test results. We start everyone on 25mg and may go up to 100 or even up to 700mg.

How do you know if you need to supplement with pregnenolone?  One obvious indicator is age because the older a person becomes; the more health problems may begin to present – and many of these issues are rooted in hormonal imbalance. If your body has begun to slow the production of certain hormones such as progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, or cortisol, or lab tests indicate your body is not metabolizing hormones at the same rate it once was, you may be ready to try pregnenolone.

As pregnenolone can help ease both men and women into the aging process and subdue some of the sudden and uncomfortable symptoms they may experience with menopause/andropause and getting older, the appearance of these symptoms is a likely sign you should consider pregnenolone. If your hormone fluctuations have impacted your day-to-life and you feel as though you cannot pay attention anymore, concentrate when you need to, or remember tasks, names, actions, and conversations, lack of pregnenolone may be a factor in these symptoms.

Likewise, if you experience excessive fatigue, sleepiness, and lack of energy, which is preventing you from enjoying life and being productive at work or other daily endeavors, this may be another indication of hormonal imbalance due to decreased pregnenolone. Other physical symptoms that manifest in some women are excessively dry skin in the form of psoriasis or scleroderma, joint pain and inflammation, and muscle stiffness and sensitivity. Some women report that their sex drive has decreased or become non-existent; this is often due to hormone reduction in the body.

As with any hormone, the levels should be monitored either every 6 months or at least yearly. Ideal range is 130-230 for adult women & men.


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