Rhodiola Rosea

Organic Rhodiola Rosea    200mg per capsule


Rhodiola Rosea

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Organic Rhodiola Rosea    200mg per capsule

(standardize to 5% –  rosavins, 2% –  salidrosides)

We are very proud to offer you a new source for a truly organic form of Rhodiola. We were insistent with our lab that we use ONLY an organic form ethically sourced. If you search the internet there is a ton of CR*P when it comes to this substance. It was imperative that we provide you with the highest quality…

RHODIOLA: Known as “golden root” because of its many therapeutic properties, rhodiola grows in dry, sandy ground at high altitudes in arctic areas of Europe and Asia. In traditional folk medicine, the herb, known botanically as Rhodiola rosea, has been used to fight fatigue and depression, increase physical endurance, enhance work productivity, treat impotence, and even prevent altitude sickness. Rhodiola is considered an adaptogen, an agent that increases one’s resistance to biological, chemical, and physical stressors.


Improves Memory, reduces fatigue, slows signs of aging, helps to reduce anxiety, reduces depression, helps to manage stress, benefits mental capacity and mental clarity, assists in recovery after exercise, helps you to lose belly fat, supports healthy cortisol levels, and more…

Please understand… this is NOT a drug so you won’t FEEL drugged… what you should feel is just… BETTER! Like a nice veil has been lifted from your brain and you should think clearer and not be as tired. Your energy should nicely improve. You should never feel pushed.


The Soviets studied rhodiola extensively, in part to evaluate its potential benefits for military personnel and athletes participating in international competition. As a result of much promising research, standardized extracts of rhodiola became widely available in the former Soviet Union.

One study stated, “Rhodiola rosea L. (R. rosea L.) is widely used to stimulate the nervous system, extenuate anxiety, enhance work performance, relieve fatigue, and prevent high altitude sickness. Previous studies reported that R. rosea L. improves learning and memory function in animal models.”  Rhodiola has been shown to have anti-aging and longevity-promoting properties, as well as anti-cancer effects as well as having beneficial properties related to brain function, depression, cellular mutation, and heart health.

In a rat study using a rhodiola tincture (alcohol-water extract), scientists discovered that a moderate 0.1-ml dose of the herb improved learning and retention after 24 hours. With repeated supplementation over a period of 10 days, significant improvements in long-term memory were observed.15 The active constituents in the herb have been found to affect the central nervous system by increasing ability to concentrate and improving cellular resistance to outside influences.

Rhodiola may play a role in fighting depression. In a group of 128 adult patients with depression and neurasthenia (a condition of fatigue, weakness, and inability to recover by resting), treatment with 150 mg of rhodiola three times a day significantly reduced or eliminated symptoms in 64% of the subjects. Among a group of patients hospitalized for depression, the addition of rhodiola to a treatment regimen of tricyclic antidepressants reduced the length of hospital stays and improved the patients’ moods, thought processes, and motor activity. Even better, the herb not only reduced troublesome side effects of the antidepressants, but also proved to be effective in treating less severe forms of depression without other medications.

Studies have also demonstrated heart-healthy properties of rhodiola. An eight-day trial of rhodiola extract increased the resistance of experimental animals to drug-induced arrhythmias. The researchers believe that this anti-arrhythmic effect is associated with the herb’s induction of opioid peptide biosynthesis. Another study found that rhodiola prevented stress-induced cardiac damage and catecholamine release from the heart muscle.

At the Tomsk State University and Medical Institute in Tomsk, Russia, scientists examined rhodiola’s effects on fighting fatigue and boosting energy.7 Mice with weights attached to them were forced to swim to exhaustion twice a day for six days. Half of the mice received an oral rhodiola extract, while the control group was given only water. By day six, the rhodiola-supplemented group had ATP levels that were 17% higher, and creatine phosphate levels that were 45% higher, than those of the control group. Rhodiola’s benefits did not end there, however. The level of muscle glycogen (a storage form of glucose that can provide energy for more prolonged activities) was 53% greater in the supplemented group than in the control group, while concentrations of muscle lactic acid and ammonia (two toxic byproducts of muscular effort) were 18% and 60% lower, respectively. Clearly, the rhodiola extract helped maintain levels of key energy compounds needed for physical activity, while at the same time decreasing markers of fatigue.

A recent study at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences also demonstrated that rhodiola helps boost physical working capacity. In an animal study, an oral rhodiola extract boosted ATP content in the mitochondria of skeletal muscles such that rhodiola-supplemented rats were able to swim 25% longer than control rats before reaching exhaustion. This is consistent with research demonstrating that rhodiola helps improve exercise endurance in humans after just a single dose (200 mg of Rhodiola rosea)

Many doctors of functional medicine prescribe rhodiola as an effective natural alternative to antidepressant medications. This works because rhodiola may increase dopamine sensitivity, which has been shown to improve moods and also help fight food cravings and addictions.

In a clinical trial with 150 individuals suffering from depression, participants were given Rhodiola rosea for one month. At the end of the trial two-thirds of the group had full remission of depression symptoms and daytime weakness had also greatly improved.

Another small 2015 study that was supported by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) tested rhodiola against the drug sertraline (often prescribed to treat depression) and a placebo in 58 adults with mild-to-moderate major depressive disorder. Results showed that all treatments were similarly effective in reducing depressive symptoms (there were no significant differences found between groups at the end of the study), but the participants who took rhodiola had fewer side effects than those who took sertraline.

Some physicians have also started recommending rhodiola for ADD and ADHD because of its ability to improve focus.


The recommended dosage is  200+ mg taken twice daily. While the herb has an exceptionally high level of safety, larger doses will not necessarily produce greater results. Active people who stress their bodies physically should aim for the high end of the suggested dosage range; sedentary people will likely require a smaller dose, though one’s level of stress will also be a factor. Because rhodiola can stimulate cognitive processes, it is best taken before breakfast and in the middle of the day. As with most herbs, rhodiola is best taken on an empty stomach.

Randomized, controlled trials have studied a range of rhodiola doses for treating conditions such as depression and fatigue. Many use R. rosea extract in doses between 350–1500 milligrams daily.  Doses as low as 8–300 milligrams/day have even been shown to help reduce fatigue. It’s recommended that you take no more than about 700 milligrams daily without speaking with a doctor first or being monitored

Ideally, rhodiola should be taken about 15 minutes before meals. Higher doses should be split into two to help with absorption (such as one dose before breakfast and one before dinner).

How Many Hours Does Rhodiola Rosea Last?

This will depend upon numerous factors, such as the individual, the quality and purity of the herbal extract, etc. Still, in general, the effects of Rhodiola Rosea can be expected to last at least 4 to 6 hours after taking.

Which Is Better Ashwagandha Or Rhodiola?

Which is the best adaptogen to take Ashwagandha or Rhodiola will depend on what you’re mostly looking to experience. Ashwagandha is typically the more relaxing adaptogen whereas Rhodiola is the more stimulating one. In our practice, I have not seen great results with Ashwagandha. I attribute that to the fact above… it calms rather than stimulates. The majority of our clients want energy, especially in the AM and afternoon. Rhodiola is the better choice in that situation.





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