Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Test kit checks over 22 different mineral patterns including heavy metals, etc.


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

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Test kit checks over 22 different mineral patterns including heavy metals, etc.

We need the following information in order to process your test kit: Name of person being tested:

Natural Hair Color:

Name of Shampoo:

Any dyes used in hair:
List of all medication you are currently on: Ethnic Origin:
Pregnant: Yes or No
Date of Birth:
List of all your symptoms:

Marie does NOT just give you a copy of the lab’s report… but rather, with over 19 years of experience in reading hair tissue mineral analysis reports, she delves into the lab’s results and does a full write up (in ENGLISH! not “medical jargon”) to help you fully understand your results as it pertains to your current symptoms and life.

What if there was one single test that could see the following in your body:

Thyroid function
Vitality level
Adrenal gland function Stomach/digestive issues
Blood sugar irregularities
Sex Hormone balances and function Anemia/Infections/ Immune system

Would you do it??? 

A simple HAIR TISSUE MINERAL ANALYSIS can do just that!

Most people think that hair tissue testing is done for drugs or toxins only … and some think it’s only good for mineral statuses in the body. Hair analysis is much more than a test for minerals. From a small sample of hair, you can learn about your metabolic rate, stage of stress, immune system, and adrenal and thyroid glandular activity. The test offers accurate information about carbohydrate tolerance, energy levels and tendencies for over 30 illnesses, often years before they manifest.

Mineral patterns also reflect mental and emotional conditions. A hair analysis can identify personality tendencies, how you handle stress and your stress level. It can also detect biochemical imbalances and associated with nutrient deficiencies, toxic metals and hypoglycemia.

Each metabolic type requires different foods and varying amounts of vitamins and minerals. Even toxic metal poisoning is often passed on from mother to child. Future mothers, midwives, and obstetricians can use hair analysis to help remove toxic metals in the body before they are passed on to the next generation.

Why wait until a costly disease arises? 

The chemical imbalances related to many conditions often develop years before the symptoms show up. Correcting the imbalances may prevent the disease altogether.

How is all this possible from a few snips of hair? It is possible because minerals are involved in all body functions. The chemical elements are the basic building blocks of our bodies. Even more telling are the RATIOS between minerals. Ratios represent relationships and balances in the body. Even in our bodies, the quality of relationships determines our health. Acidity and alkalinity, good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, hyperthyroid and hypothyroid — all are balances. Using hair analysis to assess balances and relationships provides information about every body system.

Hair analysis is actually a “soft tissue mineral biopsy”. A biopsy is an analysis of body tissue, in this case, to detect mineral levels. Hair analysis provides a reading of the mineral deposition in the cells and interstitial spaces (spaces within the tissue) of the hair over a 2-3 month period. Testing the hair allows one to infer what is occurring in other tissues of the body. Hair makes an excellent biopsy material for several reasons: it is simple and non-invasive; it is a stable biopsy material, mineral levels in the hair are about ten times that of blood making them easy to detect in the hair and it is cost effective.

Hair provides a unique cellular reading of mineral levels. The cells, not the blood nor urine, are the major site of metabolic activity.

Blood tests are excellent, but do not provide the same information for the following reasons: mineral levels are lower in the blood, making detection of trace elements more difficult; mineral levels are kept relatively constant in the blood even when pathology (a condition produced by a disease) is present; toxic metals are not found in high concentrations in the blood except right after acute exposure; blood tests can vary from hour to hour depending on diet, time of day and many other factors. Hair analysis is acknowledged to be one of the few ways to detect toxic metals. Toxic metals concentrated in the soft tissues, not in the blood or urine.


If you’re female over the age of 50 you have been asked by your medical doctor to do a bone scan to check for osteopenia or osteoporosis. They most likely also will order a blood test to check your basic “labs”. Let’s say you end up sitting in your doctor’s office with him telling you that you have bone loss and need to immediately start on 1500mg of calcium along with this new drug for osteoporosis. What do you do? Blindly accept what he says?

Women are scared to death to lose bone. But no one tells us what really causes the bone loss (accept to say it happens with “old age”). 9 times out of 10… (Actually 10 times out of 10) your calcium level in your blood test was or is fine. But your doctor doesn’t even look at that when he tells you to add in 1500mg of calcium to your regimen!

But wait… if your calcium is fine in your blood test… then WHY are you losing bone??? Because the calcium you are eating in your diet may NOT BE GOING WHERE IT NEEDS TO GO!

There are a number of different ways to track calcium status to find out exactly where it’s going and why it may not be going into the bones. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), when properly understood and interpreted, can provide an inexpensive and accurate reflection of calcium status throughout the whole body!

Testing is done with full-personalized nutritional program (5-10 page chart/report) designed for you or your child. Mineral imbalances reduce vitamins that are necessary for our bodies, and can cause arthritis, depression, frontal headaches, high blood pressure, weight gain, adrenal fatigue, tendency toward hypo- or hyper- thyroidism, hypoglycemia, osteoporosis, immune difficulties, and contribute to learning difficulties, etc.!

We utilize the leading lab in the US for our HTMA. Give us a call and let us help you or your child!



Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a much more accurate and reliable method of testing. Hair testing will show the precise tissue levels of minerals and HEAVY METAL TOXINS as compared to blood tests.  Hair testing is affordable, easy to do at home, and is non-invasive.

The blood is designed to be the body’s system for transporting nutrients.  Therefore it will always try to maintain a homeostatic blood environment, while the body absorbs the toxins internally to tissues, thus altering essential mineral balances.

Hair Tests Provides These Benefits Compared to Blood Tests

  • Hair testing is an affordable, simple and non-invasive test that can be done at home for all ages.
  • Mineral levels are accurately detected in hair as compared to in the blood.
  • Hair results are reliable.  They do not change hourly or daily like blood does.
  • Blood serum testing can be misleading because excess minerals and heavy metals are not stored in the blood, they are stored in tissues and inside the cells.
  • The body deposits excess minerals and dangerous heavy metals in other tissue areas of the body. As hair is formed it is exposed to blood and intracellular fluids and the hair shaft hardens it preserves this information of what is really happening in the body.
  • Hair remains stable for testing for months or even years later.

How Do Blood Tests Differ From Hair Test Results?

  • Calcium Levels: When blood calcium drops, calcium is removed from bone to replenish the blood – meaning the blood calcium can appear within normal range even though bones are being demineralized and osteoporosis is developing.
  • Copper Levels: A blood test for copper can indicate a healthy level of copper, even though in a hair test copper toxicity is present.
  • Lead Levels: Lead exposure is moved into soft tissues and cells and can not be detected in blood 40 days after acute lead exposure.  While the lead would NOT show up in a blood test, it’s still in the body and will show up on the HTMA.
  • Magnesium and Potassium Levels: The loss of magnesium or potassium can still be occurring at the cellular level, even when the blood shows normal or high.
  • Red Blood Cell (RBC): In reality, this test for magnesium makes no sense because only  1% of the body’s magnesium shows up in the blood. The vast majority of magnesium is inside the cells. This means that someone can be very depleted of magnesium before it even shows up in a blood test.

Toxic and Heavy Metals Do Not Stay In The Blood

  • Any toxic amounts of a mineral or heavy metals that accumulate in the body do not stay in the blood and are removed quickly. Urine tests will show some of this excess through excretion.
  • Most of the excess of minerals or heavy metals will be stored, in a bio-unavailable form that the body can’t use in the cells and tissues.
  • Hair testing will show the actual levels of stored minerals or toxic metals in the body.
  • In general, most medical doctors are not trained in hair testing nor do they have a clear understanding of the connection between mineral imbalances and heavy metals that can be shown in hair tests.  Therefore, most doctors do not do hair tests, are not trained in using HTMA and do not understand how to interpret them.
  • Most doctors rely on blood tests instead of even using hair testing and many types of health issues related to copper toxicity are missed while clients suffer.


All testing charges are paid directly to us (you will not receive bills from the labs). Prices include Dr. Marie’s written evaluations based on over 20 years of experience. We do an extraordinary amount of back-end work on each individual test that is performed and personalized.

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