Mag 07

Exceptional oxygen colon cleanse for daily bowel movements. 120 veggie caps.



Mag 07



NEW LOOK!!! – 90 caps

MAG 07 does more than just help cleanse and purify your colon–it helps create a safe environment for beneficial bacteria that naturally aid your digestive system!

The ingredients in Pure Vegan Mag O7 when used collectively have been shown to help combat the Negative effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle, Candidiasis, Fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome , Constipation, Diarrhea, Diverticulitis , Hemorrhoids, Environmental Toxicity, Ulcerative Colitis, and General Digestive System Health & Maintenance. Pure Vegan Mag O7 was created to help restore digestive system health, especially after a history of antibiotic use where the “friendly” bacteria have been killed off and the opportunistic anaerobes have taken over the digestive system. Most anaerobic bacteria can only survive in an atmosphere with little or no oxygen. Most Aerobic bacteria, by contrast, can only survive in an oxygen rich atmosphere. Over time undigested food and waste material build up in the intestinal tract. This is a perfect breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria, which if left alone could cause serious health problems, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Candidiasis, Diverticulitis, Hemorrhoids, and Ulcerative Colitis. Many strains of anaerobic bacteria can be harmful in our digestive system. Most anaerobic bacteria cannot survive in a healthy, oxygen enriched environment. Aerobic bacteria are the ‘GOOD’ bacteria that allow our digestive system to operate properly. This type of bacteria thrives on oxygen. When Pure Vegan Mag O7 is introduced into the digestive system, it releases (singlet) oxygen which attaches itself to both good and bad bacteria. The oxygen released helps to destroy the bad bacteria and nourish the good bacteria.

Mag 07 is a combination of powdered magnesium oxide compounds which have been ozonated and stabilized to release mono-atomic or nascent oxygen over 12 hours or more. The timed release ensures that Mag 07 will provide an adequate amount of oxygen, slowly, for better utilization. Stabilized oxygen is a non-technical term referring to a compound containing oxygen atoms which are stabilized with buffers so that the product can be bottled without the oxygen being released before it is needed. In its oxide form, very little magnesium is assimilated by the body. It passes through the intestinal tract, kidneys and bladder, helping to cleanse by delivering oxygen along the way. Therefore, it is the perfect vehicle for transporting oxygen.

Mag 07 offers a number of benefits to its users.

However, everyone is unique and the effects of
Mag 07 will vary depending on the individual. Mag 07’s effect on the body helps to loosen
intestinal build up which aids in the release of unwanted waste materials and toxic substances that may be present. A build up of intestinal waste may cause an overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria, which thrive in such an environment.

If a person is deficient in antioxidants, even oxygen from the air we breathe can accelerate aging and cellular damage. Nascent oxygen is even more aggressive than atmospheric oxygen.

Therefore, it is recommended that antioxidants should be taken in conjunction with any oxygen
supplementation. However, it is important that they be taken at least an hour before or after
taking an oxygen supplement. This will ensure that the cells will be properly protected while the oxygen cleansing is taking place. Juice Plus+ capsules work great in conjunction with Mag07.

· Cleanse and purify your digestive system with refreshing oxygen · Lift out the deep-seated toxic build-up that’s clogging your colon · Maintain intestinal harmony while promoting friendly bacteria
· Support better absorption of the vital nutrients your body needs · Promote a naturally healthy immune system

We suggest drinking lots of pure water. This is not only healthy for the body but will aid the body in eliminating toxins from the bowel at a faster rate. MAG 07 works with your own body’s HCL (stomach acid); if your level of HCL is below normal, it may hinder the effectiveness of the MAG 07.

We suggest squeezing an organic lemon wedge into the 8 oz. glass of purified water taken with the MAG 07 in the evening. If you are not able to control your bowels, please be careful when using this product.

►MAG 07 may cause watery, gaseous stools. This is very different than diarrhea–it’s the by-product of oxidation. Remember, solids are turning into liquids and gas.

Usual dosage: 3-4 capsules first day, 2-3 capsules each day after for 4 days. 1-2 capsules daily thereafter as needed to keep your colon clean and moving waste through easily. No more bulky stuff, no more constipation, less headaches, more energy, etc.

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