Heartburn x

Our exclusive formulation for heartburn relief. Orange peel extract 1000mg per cap – 90 capsules


Heartburn x


Our exclusive formulation for heartburn relief. Orange peel extract 1000mg per cap – 90 capsules

HEARTBURN-X addresses the cause of occasional heartburn instead of masking the symptoms.

Recommended dosage: 1 daily for 20 days.

Existing treatment options, such as antacids, proton pump inhibitors, H2 blockers and even surgery, may help chronic suffers of heartburn, but often interfere with the health stomach acid levels and mineral absorption or protein digestion. This creates a domino effect of bad health in the person’s body! Our HEARTBURN-X does not interfere with health stomach acid levels nor does it inhibit mineral absorption or protein digestion! (of course … eating a plant based diet almost certainly stops all acid reflux symptoms from occurring in the first place!)

Orange peel or orange peel extract is a safe and effective treatment option that can completely relieve acid reflux symptoms. Scientists believe orange peel extract helps esophageal peristalsis, moving food through to the stomach effectively and efficiently. Food doesn’t stay in the esophagus longer than required, lessening the chances for heartburn to develop.

Orange peel extract also may work as a surfactant. A surfactant is a substance that reduces the surface tension of liquids. Orange peel extract may reduce the surface tension of the liquid contents in the stomach, decreasing the potential for the fluid to splash up into the esophagus.

How does orange peel extract cure heartburn?
Orange peel extract has been studied in several clinical trials. In many of the studies, participants were asked to rate their heartburn for severity and frequency. Using a pre-study questionnaire, heartburn severity was rated on a scale from 1-10 (1 = mild and 10 = severe), as was heartburn frequency (1 = occasional and 10 = all the time).
Participants took 1,000 mg of orange peel extract and were asked to rate their heartburn every day using a 1-to-10 scale (1 = relief and 10 = no relief). Heartburn relief ratings were taken while participants took the extract and several times after stopping

Almost 90% of participants reported resolution of heartburn symptoms two weeks (14 days) after starting orange peel extract. Almost one-third of participants experienced resolution of heartburn symptoms as early as the second day of the study. What’s more, even though participants stopped taking the orange peel extract, they reported symptom resolution on days 21, 28, and 35. That means they hadn’t experienced heartburn even two weeks after they stopped

These study participants had an average pre-study rating of their heartburn of 7.8 and a frequency rating of 7.3. After only 20 days of taking orange peel extract, almost all these heartburn sufferers experienced no more heartburn.

Occasionally, after completing the 20-day treatment period, some people may experience mild heartburn after eating foods they had previously avoided. The study scientists concluded these individuals overindulged on these “forbidden” foods. Taking a single orange peel extract capsule as needed usually solves this problem.

How much orange peel extract should I take?
I recommend what was used in the studies: 1,000 mg of orange peel extract every other day for 20 days. Some clients do better taking it daily for 20 days straight.

Is orange peel extract safe?
Orange peel extract is an all-natural product and its safety has been evaluated. Always follow the recommended dosages on the label for best results.

Pregnant or nursing women shouldn’t take orange peel extract. You shouldn’t take it if you have an ulcer in the stomach or esophagus, because a burning and irritating sensation may result. Until clinical trials on all age groups have been completed, orange peel extract shouldn’t be given to children under 10.

In fact, orange peel extract has been used in cancer studies for many years with no adverse effects.

Does orange peel extract affect cancer?
Orange peel extract has pronounced cancer preventative activity. Based on several studies, researchers have determined orange peel extract inhibits the way cancer cells divide and grow. In laboratory studies, orange peel extract prevented breast, skin, liver, lung, pancreatic, colon and stomach cancers.

A clinical study examined the safety of orange peel extract in cancer patients. A group of 32 cancer patients took orange peel extract for 21 days. Ten additional breast cancer patients took orange peel extract for 15 days. No toxicities were demonstrated in any of the patients. Analysis of the patient’s blood levels revealed orange peel extract was well absorbed. The study’s authors urged further research of orange peel extract and cancer prevention.

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