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Coronavirus !

Message from Dr. Marie:

In light of what’s happening worldwide, I have been mindful about how we want to communicate to our clients. What is most important is YOU and your family’s health. The last thing we want is for you to put off taking care of your health issues…

We are here for you and will make ourselves easily available through video conferencing (FaceTime; Google DUO; Messenger) for those who are unable to make it to our office in person. If you are unable to pick up any supplements, test kits, etc… just give us a call and we will ship out to you.


We all have a lot of questions about coronavirus, including how do I avoid it?

And what do I do if I think I have it?

Here are my answers to the 12 most asked questions we have about staying healthy.

What is vital is to NOT get totally caught up in the whole pandemic “fear” mongering… but instead to use this as a WAKE UP CALL to finally take responsibility for your own health! Focus on eating well (removing fats, sugars, and processed foods with a strong concentration on plant foods), exercising (getting outside and walking, biking, running, gardening, etc.), being with family (spending more quality time eating at home, reading, talking, playing games, etc.).

Sigh, let’s get serious about the real facts, the smart science, and what to do if you start to have symptoms!

Q. 1. I’m scared after watching all the news… what if I have it? Should I go to my doctor’s office or the ER?

Actually I tell my clients that if they can, the best thing to do is to ride it out at home. In general, doctor’s offices are not equipped to contain the virus, and you’ll risk infecting everyone there, including the patients in their waiting room, the nurses and doctors, which means they would have to be quarantined, further straining the health care system. Instead, call your physician, who will likely recommend that you stay home unless you are ill enough to be hospitalized, at which time they will direct you to go to the ER. Understand that COVID-19 is a VIRUS and there are NO DRUGS that will totally eliminate it… you have to ride it out and boost your immune system naturally! This is where working with a natural or holistic doctor might help you more effciently than going the medical route.

We now know that the virus will affect 80-90% of the population at some point. One study found that it can last up to 17 days (maybe even longer) on surfaces. There is literally NO WAY to completely run from this virus. You will at some point come into contact with it. The key… is to have your immune system strong before that contact. Eating right, exercising, being sensible (don’t get around someone else who is sick), taking anti-viral supplements to boost your immune system, washing your hands, getting plenty of sleep, removing stress, etc… we will talk more in a moment on the specific supplements you might need.

In America we are hungry for information and our politicians, political pundits and news outlets are eager to feed us what we want. The problem is…


The officials tracking COVID-19 are swimming in statistics: infection rates, case-fatality ratios, economic data. But in these early stages of the fight against the coronavirus, these figures ALL have their own particular limitations.

What if we focus on the health statistics? 

We have to be careful about drawing hard conclusions from that one statistic. Confirmed cases are a function of confirmed tests! Confirmed cases DO NOT reflect the true number of people getting or having the virus nor does it determine how FAST this virus is migrating from person to person. 

One lady posted on social media, “I just wish they would report the number of people recovering from this to help us all feel better emotionally.” My GOD, lady… did you not do any math at all in school??? The number of recoveries can only possibly be monitored (very loosely) of those in hospitals!!!! It’s not possible to ever figure out or report recoveries without knowing exactly how many people actually had the virus to begin with…

There are way too many people not even going to the doctor or who have such slight symptoms they don’t even consider it the coronavirus. Even the death statistics are not accurate… newspapers (even here in Louisiana) are reporting that people have died from the virus when in fact they had a heart attack, cancer, automobile accident, etc and also just happened to have had the virus. Not all states are even reporting hospitalizations. 10’s of thousands of people are not even going to the doctor with their symptoms but choosing to ride out the virus on their own.

So all the statistics that we all are reading are simply not accurate. The fact is that no single statistic is gospel right now. But… with that stated… let’s hear what America’s top expert on infection disease… Dr. Fauci  has to say… he states in the New England Journal of Medicine, “If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.” 

So… there you have it straight from the horses mouth… This virus is “akin to those of a severe flu”!

Look… I know it’s scary… but it’s ONLY scary if you’re putting your attention on false statistics and false information. This IS a bit of a different virus than we’ve all seen… it DOES spread fast… BUT…. And this is a big BUT… it is recoverable, there is less than .1% chance of mortality (which means there is a .99% chance of recovery) based on Dr. Fauci’s own statement and not all the media hype that is happening now…
And as with ANY virus, your own immune system must be at peak performance to fight this thing. THAT, honey, is the most important FACT that you need to put your attention on.

Q 2. Is there an easy at-home test to know if you have it?

A. Try this simple test: Hold your breath for 20 seconds. If when you stop holding your breath you don’t have to cough, then your lungs are in good shape. It’s a decent test of lung function.

As for getting tested at a medical center, given the limited testing availability, currently, hospitals will do tests for people who are at high risk or quite sick. Otherwise, the best advice is, if you think you may have been exposed, to stay home and self-quarantine. Paying to get tested for the virus is at this time mainly beneficial to the local authorities to track the virus… no sense in you paying for that.

Q 3. What can we do to avoid the virus, other than wash our hands every 20 minutes?

The most important thing is to stay healthy with a healthy immune system. And the most important way to do that is to eat a ton of plants, get a good amount of sleep, keep your hormones balanced (adrenal, ovarian and thyroid) and stay stress-free. Stress effects immunity through cortisol (adrenal hormones) and other things that happen when you “over-stress” emotionally. So practice stress management through good sleep, good food and getting a good amount of exercise.

There are 5 supplements I generally suggest for BUILDING UP your immune system:

1. **vitamin C (3,000-10,000 mg daily) like our PROTECTION vitamin C blend, use to bowel tolerance (get loose stools and then back down by 1000mg: example… take 4000mg and have loose stools now go to 3000mg)… just “taking vitamin C” at lower levels will NOT WORK!

2. **Vitamin D3 (5,000-20,000 iu daily) like our IMMUNITY product, (if you are infected with any virus immediately take 50,000 daily for first 4 – 10 days and resume at 5,000-20,000 daily otherwise at least double your current supplementation.)

3. **Anti-viral blend like our MULTI DETOX (garlic, oregano, black walnut blend) 2 each meal  OR our Artemisinin, which  is another natural plant used in China (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to cure maleria and other viral attacks take 200mg 3X daily (personally I take this whether I’m sick or not… this is one of the best anti-virals out there… click on the link to read more about this amazing supplement)

4. ** ARGENTYN 23 hydrosol silver (1 tbsp 4X daily if sick; 2X daily to boost immune system) this is the highest quality liquid silver on the market

5. ** Iodine (our MOTION production) open 3 capsules in water and diffuse or inhale steam through nebulizer (DO NOT SWALLOW) and inhale this at least 2X daily

(we carry the highest quality forms of these supplements in our office just give us a call 337-989-0572 or go online to )

What do we know that will help prevent and possibly kill the virus?

A.  Vitamin C works to kill ALL microbes and can be easily taken internally. If you just simply take a higher dose than you normally do or if you take a small dose … it will not do the job! When you have an infection the bowel tolerance is much higher than normal. You might need to take up to 1000mg every hour. Using High doses to the point of diarrhea helps to sweep all microbes literally out of your body. It helps to clear up the blood at the very first sign of infection. This works from the outside in. You cannot poison yourself with vitamin C. It’s an amazing amazing supplement. Treatment of CV19 with intravenous vit C (based on use in China) and the USA Results were:  50 patients with moderate to severe COVID-19 treated…
All patients improved, no mortality, no side effects, reverses the cytokine storm, hospital stay shortened, extremely safe, cost was nominal.…/IVAA-COVID19-Hospital-Use-Anderson-03.24.…

B.  Iodine on Contact kills all microbes. Using either a powder form (from a capsule) or liquid form… dissolve 3 capsules or 12 drops in 1/2 cup of water and diffuse/ nebulize in a personal inhaler or diffuse in your room. Do this 2X daily.

C.  Vitamin D3 should be taken at 20,000-30,000 iu daily for ten days at the onset of symptoms.

D.  Argentyn 23 is a hydrosol liquid silver taken internally that boosts the immune system for any age person and kills viruses on contact.

E. Artemisinin is a plant that has been very effective at killing malaria and viruses.

F. Wash your hands, stay away from large crowds, be sensible.

No one has died who was healthy and drug free prior to the infection!

Q 4. It has been reported that everyone is going to be exposed. So we can’t hide from it?

A. I don’t think there is any running away from the virus. We are all going to be exposed over the next 8 to 12 months in some way or another. All the things we are trying to do now to flatten the curve (of the growing number of cases) will help the health care system not get overwhelmed. Individuals with strong immune systems may be asymptomatic where those with weaker immune systems will feel the effects of this virus. Think long term and work on building up your immune system NOW!

But if we can slow the spread, the area under the curve is going to stay the same but will reduce the burden on the health care system. so if you can push off getting it till June, say, then we’ll know how to treat it better than we do now.  Warmer months could slow the strength of the virus.

Q 5. What do we do about the stress we’re living under?

A. Try to enjoy spending time at home, with family. Get back to the basics of life.

Spend time at home and focus on family and loved ones. Spending time at home, getting back to the basics of life, try to alleviate stress by playing family games.

As a family ensure that you are eating more plants than animals in your diet. Viruses spread through animals!

By summer we will be thinking about it differently. In warmer weather, it will be transmitted less because somehow the virus does not live as long in warmer weather. There may not be as many people exposed and by then it may be milder.

Q 6. If you have a client who calls up and says I may have it, what do you say?

A. I tell them not to come in, but if they need to, to go to the ER. And tell them in advance, since you should not go into the hospital or any doctor’s office with symptoms without telling your doctor because you will expose the whole office — the waiting room and the nurses and doctors and then they have to close for at least 2 weeks.

Q 7. What is a sure sign someone has it?

A. We know that 90 percent will have a high fever and 80 percent will have a progressive bad cough. It is not a case of the sniffles or minor cold. It is real fever, progressive worsening cough over days. So folks who have symptoms for days are the ones who need to quarantine themselves.

Q 8. So you think the best thing is to stay at home?

A. As long as you don’t have respiratory failure — and as long as you can keep down fluids, and as long as you can get beyond the symptoms in a few days, then you will get through it. The only reason to get tested is from a public health standpoint!  but if you stay at home, you will be able to avoid others and not pass it on.

Q 9. So you are saying most people can ride it out?

A. Ultimately it will be an extraordinarily benign disease, but that’s not the case for anyone over 80 or who has compromised immune system or lung function. Of most folks who do get sick, it’s a small number, but they are older or have pre-existing conditions. Literally NO ONE HAS DIED who didn’t have some underlying health condition already or was old and frail. Those individuals had immunes systems that were compromised BEFORE they came in contact with this virus… 

Q 10. When someone sneezes near me, I hold my breath. Should everyone?

A. When somebody sneezes or coughs, the virus goes 3 feet, not more than 3 feet, it then settles within a three-foot radius. If you touch anything in the next 2 hours within that three-foot area, and then you touch your eyes or nose, it can get in. This is why the general directions of staying 6 feet apart is a good idea… the more space the better.

Q 11. Should we all drink from water bottles?

A. This gives you a false sense of security. If you touch the rim of the water bottle you created a vector of hand to mouth carriage.  I wash my hands before and after every client interaction. And I also use a hand sanitizer. Washing your hands every 20 minutes, throughout the day, is still the best idea.

Q 12. What do you think about anti-inflammatory foods and their role in eradicating inflammation?

A. Eat high-antioxidant foods, which are good for immunity (like fruits and vegetables). For good gut health, eat high-fiber foods.  Try to eat more anti-inflammatory foods, because the virus wreaks havoc on the body and inflammation is your body’s response. Your body gets sick not from the virus itself but your own inflammatory response — which is in overdrive and which when you’re healthy generally, works as it should.

The body goes into overdrive trying to fight the virus with inflammation, so the more anti-inflammatory your diet the better. Since the virus is directed at the lungs and your immune system is already handicapped, the inflammation gets out of control, so that is why you feel sick. The answer is to eat anti-inflammatory foods (plants) and stay healthy.

Eating more antiviral foods (garlic, oregano, elderberry, blueberries, ginger, are a few) is also important. Green tea should be your go-to drink… unlike antiviral drugs, green tea actually helps by boosting the immune system. I’m not talking about cheap green teas in bags found in most grocery stores… I’m talking about the real deal from Japan…

NOTE on ELDERBERRY: A thorough search for documented cases where elderberry caused cytokine storm turned up fruitless. However, studies show that Elderberry Extract activates the healthy immune system by increasing inflammatory cytokine production.

We know that elderberry inhibits the early stages of a viral infection by blocking key viral proteins responsible for both the viral attachment and entry into the host cells.

So yes, elderberry does increase cytokines. It’s immunostimulatory effects increase the release of both inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines. As with all herbs, the actions are adaptogenic based on what the body needs.

However, it is highly unlikely that elderberry alone can be attributed to causing a cytokine storm. Rather, patients with a predisposition to CRS, such as those undergoing chemotherapy  may want to avoid elderberry and other immune-stimulating treatments. If you take elderberry and experience symptoms of CRS, there may be an imbalance in the immune system such as an underlying deficiency in other vitamins and minerals needed for the immune system.

FINALLY: Interestingly… there is a strong link between humans and animals in this whole virus issue. Nearly three-quarters of emerging diseases may have arisen from the animal kingdom. And we know that plants are where we have gotten our strongest medicines throughout the centuries. So it only makes sense to eat more plants.

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Natural Hand Sanitizer Recipe:

1 tbsp rubbing alcohol

¼ cup of aloe vera gel

May add in a few drops of any essential oil for scent)

Simply mix the aloe vera gel and alcohol in a small bowl and store in a plastic non BPA container. And use as you would any other type of hand sanitizer.


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