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CANCER: A Case of Unresolved Grief and Deep Hurt and Longstanding Resentment

NO DISEASE is as dreaded as cancer. There’s a good reason for this: The unknown cause(s) of cancer keeps those who suffer from it in a chronic state of fear & anxiety.

Preventing and lowering your risk of cancer is at the top of the list for most us.

I hate cancer probably more than most…. it’s a horrible disease state that is demeaning and scarier than any other health issue.… opening the door for lazy practitioners to just repeat what they have heard elsewhere and not get the actual facts based on science and biology. Sadly, in the holistic field, there is much false data.

Here are a few FACTS:

Exercise is by far the most important thing you can do for your health AND overall immune system.

Eating whole foods is important…. Removing ALL processed foods and FATTY FOODS, eating a balanced real food diet without excess calories helps to keep weight down, lower blood pressure, and strengthens your immune system

Sugar does NOT FEED NOR CAUSE CANCER! It’s not that simple. There’s more to it than that.

Balancing hormones as naturally as you can and replacing only what you need is key. HOMRONES do not cause cancer. An imbalance of hormones might help create the terrain that allows cancer to proliferate. But no hormone CAUSES cancer.

Removing a$$h0les from your life lowers stress on the immune system and your mind.

We don’t all have cancer cells in our bodies and I don’t care what “doctor’ told you that… it’s logically biologically not accurate….

Quit listening to lazy practitioners (medical or holistic) who forward false information that is inflammatory and unnecessarily scary.

Taking a single mineral (like selenium) will NOT prevent cancer by itself nor cure cancer. Can it help to lower the risk, yes, along with proper Vitamin D levels, vitamin E, etc. (think whole foods, people). Can it totally prevent? No. 

Working with doctors, practitioners, and coaches that give you hope is VITAL. If you don’t mesh well with your practitioner, you need a new one. Having confidence in your health provider is VERY important mentally and physically for recovery and prevention.

If you believe a system or therapy will work to heal you… it will (or at the least will have the greatest impact for improvement). If you believe a system or therapy is bad for you … it will be. The mind (placebo effect) is powerful and real.


Every illness under the sun finds its true roots of its beginning in the human mind… including the human emotions & the prevailing mental state of the individual. It has often been said that the root cause of cancer is spiritual in nature.

In the case of cancer, we see a very definite mental condition and emotional profile which can predispose the person to manifest various forms of tumors, cysts, fibroids, sarcomas, carcinomas, as well as various malignancies of unknown origin.

Why, and how, is this the case?

Many medical intuitives over the last few decades have found that those who suffer from cancer present a very similar risk profile. This risk profile not only includes phenotype and genotype, diet and pharmaceutical regimen, exercise routine and sleep pattern, lifestyle and work-style, marital status, and healthy relationships, but many other key indicators as well.

Perhaps one of the most important of those other determinants includes a person’s normal emotional response, and especially the degree of contentment and happiness that the person allows him or herself to experience regularly.

Unresolved Grief and Contentment Cannot Coexist

Now we come to the crux of the matter. All of us suffer from the human condition known as unresolved grief from time to time.  We are not just speaking of the grief that is usually associated with the loss of a loved one.  We are speaking of the grief that is associated with living life on planet Earth…. That unrelenting, unforgiving grief that just stays there in the person’s mind and never allows them to experience happiness and contentment.

Life has become very complicated.  Just managing a home has become very complex. Maintaining happy and healthy relationships can also be very challenging.

It’s not only the loss of a loved one, which can throw you into a state of grief.  Many of us also suffer grief and despair to varying degrees when we lose a job …
or our reputation …
or our self-respect …
or a car to a thief …
or a limb or an organ like a gallbladder …
or our entire retirement fund …
or our best friend to an overseas move …
or a home to hurricane …
or our antiques to a fire …
or our favorite TV program …
or our favorite restaurant …
or our integrity or courage or conviction …
or our broken heart to an ex-spouse …
or our father or mother to Alzheimers …
or 3 years of our life to a prison sentence …
or a child to an incapacitating disease …
or our religion …
or our spiritual master …
etc., etc., etc.

You can see how the preceding list can go on and on and on.  The instances in life where we experience loss, and then grief, are virtually endless.

Each of us reacts differently to these various kinds of loss.  Much more significantly, each of us experiences our own form of grief which we then take through our OWN unique process until we come out the other side more whole and compassionate and human.

However, there are times when we’re not so successful at working through grief.  In these instances, depending on how deep the attachment is, we might be thrown into despair which causes us to lose our interest in living.  Not that we are suicidal, but that our very reason and purpose for living might be shaken.

The degree to which we allow ourselves to be seized by this emotion called grief is often at the very core of the many different types of cancers (and even most chronic illnesses especially autoimmune in nature).

When we find ourselves stuck in a groove of grief and despair for a long time, our entire biochemistry changes in profound and fundamental ways.  These changes are not for the better, and will create a very conducive environment for the pathogenic micro-organisms (especially viruses) and toxicities to accumulate in which cancer originates and thrives.

Nature versus Nurture

There are always two major components to every disease that are often referred to as nature and nurture.  While many of us may have a genetic predisposition to developing cancer in our lifetime (nature), it is the nurture component that is really the major determining factor.  In this regard, the predominant emotional comportment and mental state of an individual exerts much influence on the physical condition of the human body.

Cancer is always a matter of several co-factors operating interdependently.

Of course, there are many other significant co-factors which can heavily influence the development of cancer.  The amount of pollution in one’s living environment is just one of those major co-factors. Continual environmental exposures especially can contribute to both the type of cancer and the severity of the case.  The many different types of environmental pollution eventually end up accumulating inside the body.  Those organs and tissues that become the primary sites of bio-accumulation then become compromised and weakened.

Pathogenic micro-organisms, especially viruses (like Epstein Barr), are at the roots of almost all forms of cancer.  Each type of virus is drawn to a certain type of bioterrain and cellular environment.  Furthermore, certain kinds of contaminants and toxins may concentrate within an organ or tissue or limb, which then draw a cancer-causing virus.  The longer these pathogenic micro-organisms find a home in a certain part of the body, the greater the likelihood they will trigger the growth of pre-cancerous cells.  And if left unaddressed, full-blown malignant carcinomas can then eventually develop.  If allowed to metastasize, the cancerous cells can become systemic and transported to virtually any part of the body.

No matter what part “nature” plays in creating cancer or any chronic illness… In reality, it is the prevailing mental state and emotional comportment that set up this whole process.  Particularly in the wake of an unsettling loss that has created a prolonged period of unresolved grief … followed by deep resentment … and ending up with pent-up anger, or even rage.

Our feelings permeate our mind, our body, our heart.  When negative feelings of grief, or resentment or anger,  are allowed to become solid in our hearts and minds, they will do so in those organs or tissues that “correspond” to the nature of the loss and type of grief that is being experienced.  The various parts of the body magnetize the toxins and pollutants, which will then create a suitable home for the corresponding pathogenic micro-organisms.  Over time, these will then sufficiently degrade the internal environment until cancer and/or chronic illnesses (migraines, autoimmune disorders, allergies, gut issues, etc.) become a likely outcome.

Sometimes they will reverse direction and the cancer will go into complete remission.  Sometimes the soul will be challenged by the many ups and downs typical of many allopathic cancer therapies, which will serve to strengthen character and increase spirituality.

The experience of many cancer survivors reveals a similar pattern in its evolution and resolution. Particularly with regard to the many emotional ups and downs do we see striking similarities and correlations. Most of the success stories appear to be directly related to the level of spirituality which one is practicing throughout the entire disease process.  The more spiritual one’s outlook truly is, the greater the likelihood of experiencing a permanent cure.

As one accepts God’s will or the Universe’s guidance in their life, nothing can really go wrong. Even if the cancer worsens, the mature soul knows that all will be well — understanding that ultimately the person (the soul) never dies.

Sometimes it is a case of two steps forward and three steps backward. Sometimes the cancer goes into remission for a week, a month or a year.  Nevertheless, the soul growth for one who is attentive to the “Hand of God” is always in the direction of the expansion of consciousness and self awareness.

The challenges of cancer on the mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels are usually so great that these different components ought to be understood and worked with however possible by the individual. The more that every cancer or chronic disease sufferer understands how their general emotional disposition and mental condition affect the state of their body, the more likely things will progress in a positive direction.

The immune system is especially responsive to the predominant feelings and emotions, thoughts and imaginations of a person living under the stress of fighting any chronic disease. Therefore when these are watched carefully, and replaced when appropriate with the highest affirmations, the road to remission is often paved.


Diet, the quality of air and water, the emotional climate within your family, the state of your relationships, and your sense of fulfillment in life – the sum total of how you live your life and also how your ancestors lived theirs —has the most effect on the expression of your genes.  Every factor in our lives conspires to create the physical person that we become.

All this means that the environment outside our bodies determines the environment within. A bond exists between the blueprint within our cells and everything we connect with in our world throughout our lives.

So cancer, if it ever develops, doesn’t just mysteriously arrive, but makes its appearance when that relationship is unhealthy.


Basic Holistic Cancer Protocol

Cancer is usually a symptom of an extremely endangered and lowered immune system with a viral overload. No matter what type of cancer you might have the following are key points that HAVE to be done DAILY if you want to overcome it. If you have chosen to go the allopathic route (normal medical handlings here in the United States) the following usually can be done alongside even radiation and chemotherapy if that is what you choose to do.

Doctors here in the US know almost nothing about vitamins or holistic handlings. So if you ASK them if it’s ok for you to take a vitamin or herb their initial response may very well be, “NO!”. People say, “no” to things they don’t understand. It is your body and your health and your future and your life. Do your own research and do what makes sense to you! If you have chosen to go the truly holistic route… that is great… but understand that here in the US we are hindered by the FDA not allowing true cancer “cures” as they have in many other countries… there ARE a few good holistic minded hospitals and clinics here in the US that CAN assist you with a fully holistic approach. In any case the following steps still must be in play to assist you.

You may not like what I’m about to tell you… but doing “everything holistically” and refusing all medical is wrong! Doing as much holistically that you can do and coordinating well with correct medical is the best course of action.

If you have researched the Internet looking for alternative cancer help you have stepped into a black hole of mis-direction and confusion. Understand that even mixing holistic therapies may cause one another to no longer work. This report will not be able to completely put into perspective every single viewpoint… but with the experience we have had with clients and even personally we know that a few BASICS have to be in place in order for you to achieve results.

First you have to understand the difference between “treating” a tumor and treating the illness of cancer. A tumor is a symptom of cancer… therefore doing radiation and chemo and surgery to remove the tumor does nothing to cure the cancer (the cause of the tumor). Hardly ever is the tumor itself health-endangering and life threatening… what IS deadly is the spread of that disease through the rest of the body… even microscopically. Surgery does not stop the spread of cancer. Chemo does not stop the spread of cancer. Radiation does not stop the spread of cancer. Only your own IMMUNE system can do that! And the physical cause of your cancer is a lowered immune system that is now further compromised by a viral overload. It might still be prudent to remove the tumor, or to do radiation and chemo , especially if it’s a fast growing kind, and then choose the protocol (holistic + medical) you wish to use… this CAN buy you time that is vital to giving the holistic approach the time it needs to work in your body naturally.

Many of the new cancer treatments that cost thousands of dollars or more only offer a few days or weeks (certainly less than a year) of increased life span. You have to determine what that is worth to you. Don’t just accept what the percentages are that the doctor gives you. Instead, ask for a copy of the exact study giving him or her that data!

I’ve seen people who were told they had 6 months to live, carry on for 10 years or more. I’ve seen others just get told on 1 visit that they have cancer and die in 1 week just from the stress of the news!

So what exactly do you do… you’ve been told you have cancer… do you pick and choose a few things to do because it’s comfortable or are you willing to go the distance… that is for you to decide… I can tell you in this report that leaving a key part out will cause you to NOT get the results necessary. This is a suggested program that will work to assist your body to heal and remove the toxins from your body as the cancer is broken down. By all means do what the doctors also tell you to do if you want to… but back it up with a program like this… that will give your body the fighting chance it needs. The next step outside of THIS program is to find a good doctor who can perform Vit. C drips, and other nutrients via IV…. The third option is to go to Germany or Mexico to a good alternative clinic there for 24/7 care depending on how severe your cancer is.



First thing to do before starting ANY program…

  1. Start your program by changing how you eat. Get rid of ALL processed foods. Learn to eat whole foods (not processed), no added sugars (sugars contribute to insulin resistance which then contributes to inflammation and allows cancer to grow). Ensure you are getting enough protein so you can repair your body properly with amino acids. Use fruits and nuts as condiments, eat lots of protein sources (tofu, ideally organic and grass fed chicken, turkey, limit seafood because of mercury)
  2. Walk… take a 30 minute walk and keep doing this DAILY! Start working out DAILY…. Add in weights, strength exercises, yoga, pilates, something every single day. Exercise is VITAL. 
  3. Make sure that you are doing the spiritual and emotional handlings as well. Confront the losses you have encountered and work with someone to assist you in healing spiritually
  4. Get plenty of good sleep (6-8 hours nightly) and plenty of sunlight daily!

Excellent supplements:

Curcumin ( we use a high quality one from Meriva) 1 each meal

Vitamin D3 based on testing your body

Artemisinin  (maybe) (we carry this online and in our office)

Iodine (Iodoral brand we carry in our office)

Selenium – our Seleno Support 3-5x weekly

Creatine monohydrate – order on amazon 5g daily from Bulk Supplement Brand

Fisetin – from Life Extension 500mg daily

Black seed oil – 500mg 1-2x daily as tolerated

Protection Vit. C – our C blend with quercetin 2 each meal

Akkermansia probiotic – we carry the Pendulum line of highest quality

Clostridium butyricum – 2x weekly (we have in our office the Pendulum brand)

Alive probiotics (this is our brand of probiotics with Bifidobacterium)

A simple diet protocol might look like this:

Exercise for at least 30 minutes daily and concentrate on yoga and weights


  • No sugar (or keep to less than 6 gm per meal), NO alcohol
  • Whole food only  – nothing heavily processed
  • Use organic products, fruits , vegetables, organic chicken , organic turkey, fresh fish, avocado, nuts, seeds

bad cancer diet during a cancer treatment will FEED the cancer cells. It is like spraying a house fire with both water [the treatment] and gasoline [the bad diet that feeds the cancer cells]. What’s a bad cancer diet? Processed foods, junk foods, desserts daily, alcohol, high calories.

A mediocre cancer diet will not feed the cancer cells, but it won’t contribute to the treatment.

While a strong cancer diet is critical for every cancer patient, it is especially critical to have a strong cancer diet when the patient has a fast-spreading cancer. A strong “cancer diet” with exercise can help stop the spreading of cancer faster than anything else.

Too many cancer patients lose their battle with cancer because the cancer spreads too fast and the treatment, even though the best there was, couldn’t keep up with the battle.  The only thing naturally that will help to control a fast spreading cancer is a superb cancer diet/exercise plus a superb treatment. If you are serious about surviving a very dangerous type of cancer, such as a glioblastoma or pancreatic cancer, etc, then you have no choice but to use your cancer diet as a major tool in your treatment. PERIOD!!


Excellent video to watch , Dr. Joe Zundell

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