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Hi! My name is Marie Pace. As your holistic practitioner I’m determined to help you finally figure out why you feel the way you do. Look… I know you’ve been almost everywhere, searching the internet, or talking to friends, or seeing other doctors… and yet… here you are.

Ok… so we’ve got our work cut out for us… and that’s my job: To listen to you and help you get to the root cause of what’s kicking you in the butt and finally fix the seemingly unfixable. 

Sound Familiar?

How We Can

Almost everyone is worried about his or her health to some degree. You can continue putting up with all your health issues, taking pills that cause more symptoms, day after day, month after month, getting worse as the years go on. Or you can finally DO something that is effective.
I want you to feel great, think clearly, sleep well, have the energy to do what you want to do and really create & enjoy life. THAT’S HEALTH!
So as a first step I’m going to listen… get to know and understand you. Then we’re going to use both alternative & conventional testing methods to dig into your specific health mysteries. Only then will we know exactly what’s needed to repair your health including lifestyle changes, vitamins, minerals, and natural hormones.

Our Focus:

We’re ready to listen...
tell us what we can
you with...


No. Insurance does not typically cover natural, holistic, and Naturopathic services. We work for YOU. If we accepted insurance payments, we’d be forced to work for the insurance company first and you second. In our office, the client comes first! Since we are NOT a “medical” office we do not provide diagnosis codes for reimbursement. The money you spend on a holistic practitioner’s services can be thought of as your real health insurance.

Marie Pace is a Doctor of Naturopathic Ministries and Holistic Health Practitioner, NOT a medical doctor. We offer Traditional Naturopathic services that many times can unearth causes that “standard” medicine has overlooked. An ethical traditional Naturopath would work in conjunction with you and your medical doctor to help you truly achieve good health. Marie is also trained as a Certified Nutritional Counselor and Starch Solution Graduate through Dr. McDougall’s Medical Center.

As a first step, our Office Manager (Melissa Seaux) will talk with you and answer any non-health questions you might have about our services and get you scheduled. 
The initial consult (costs: $85 – $190+ depending on time) entails getting to know and understand you and what you need to repair your health. We may take up to an hour or longer, depending on your individual needs, asking you questions, listening to you and what you need and want. You and I will go over all of your options: what testing could be used to get to the root cause of biological imbalances, what lifestyle changes might be necessary,  and what supplements or natural hormones are needed to repair or replace, etc. We will uncover unhealthy habits or past spiritual trauma that needs to be addressed. This will be both a discovery consult as well as a counseling session.

Our specialty is helping you to fix the seemingly unfixable. By rebalancing hormones (adrenal, thyroid and ovarian) and addressing the causes for autoimmune, gut, & liver issues we can help you to reverse and prevent many major health issues.

Absolutely! We love our medical doctor friends and enjoy a close working relationship with a number of doctors in our area. We strongly believe in working closely with your primary medical doctor or specialist to assist you in reaching full health, if they are willing.

A Traditional Naturopath is trained via a private alternative college. A Naturopathic Physician (not a licensed medical doctor) completes a 4-year residency in a “naturopathic college”. Both are trained to help you achieve health in the most natural way possible. In our office we offer you traditional naturopathic ministerial services. It is our strong belief that no group of healing practitioners (naturopathic, medical, holistic, etc. ) should encroach on the other and that all “healing” practitioners should complement, coordinate, and respect each other.

Meet Marie Pace

As a consultant, author, ordained minister, radio host and researcher, Marie has educated others on natural health solutions since 1999. Having written 3 books and over 500 articles on the subject of health, Marie has developed protocols and guidelines that have helped thousands of her clients.

Board certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner & Certified Nutritional Counselor and graduate of Trinity School of Natural Health as a Doctor of Naturopathic Ministries, Dr. Marie is well equipped to help you unravel your health mysteries and get to the true CAUSE of hormone imbalances (Thyroid & Adrenal), anxiety, insomnia, aches and pains, fatigue and gut issues, just to name a few.

Dr. Marie’s compassion and hands on approach with each of her clients is apparent in the results she achieves.


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